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Suzuki DL1000 Power Commander PC III Dyno set up

Here’s a bike made for a Power Commander – Suzuki’s DL1000 V-Strom; not a performance bike but typical of many big V-twins. The owner wasn’t happy with its on/off snatchiness at low rpm and fitting a PC III, closing the emissions control air valve, removal of the lambda sensor and a full set-up on the Dyno made all the difference, smoothing the engine out radically.

Now, in a high gear at low rpm the engine pulls cleanly; getting rid of the lambda sensor is key – which at best is useless trundling around in traffic as it’s off/on for the catalyzer – while the PC III manages the extra fuel the engine needs (and where it needs it) nicely.

We don't see too many of these on the dyno, but they do respond well...

Get rid of the emissions controls and lambda sensor and you'll need a Power Commander PC III.