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Ducati Monster 1000 Power Commander PC V Dyno set up/ECU remap

By 27th April 2011Ducati, ECU Remap, Road Bikes

Mike Jourdin, the chap that owns this Ducati Monster 1000 has an interesting day job; he builds engines for Mercedes in F1. Unsurprisingly, he’s put his Duke’s air-cooled 1000DS motor together very nicely. He’s changed the pistons, altered the squish, lightened the external flywheel and dialed in the camshafts and, as you’d expect from an F1 engine builder, he’s done it beautifully.

He bought it to us because he was having some fuelling issues with the Power Commander PC V, which needed a custom map. After a long discussion we decided between us that this would be ‘safe’ stopgap measure, but he’s going to weld in a lambda bung for the front and rear cylinder and then we’ll either remap again for each cylinder or possibly remap the stock ECU with our system as we can change the ignition (which you can’t do with Power Commander) for power gains, plus switch off the emissions/noise controls directly.

Mike's a man that knows his engines - he builds 'em for F1 racing!