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BSD Performance has a very simple approach to tuning today's complex motorcycles. We combine old-fashioned engine know-how with what we learn working at the cutting edge of two-wheeled technology — such as ECU reprogramming and traction control — with the simple desire to do the job right, no matter how large or small.

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Dyno tuning and testing

Dyno tuning

BSD Performance has over 13 years experience working directly with Dynojet; our 250i Dyno is one of the most technologically advanced in the UK. It's housed in a purpose-built, self-contained dyno cell, fully equipped with a heavy-duty, high-speed fan for consistent air feed and cooling, plus full exhaust extraction.

We hand-build our fueling maps, which takes time, but the results, and our customers, speak for themselves.

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ECU Reprogramming

ECU Reprogramming

Modern fuel injected motorcycles feature sophisticated ECUs that meter and control every aspect of an engine's performance. We can safely access and modify many manufacturers' stock ECUs to account for a change in exhaust system (vital for reliability), a smoother power delivery —particularly V-twins— and improved economy, torque or outright horsepower.

Our ECU re-programming service is very affordable and unique in the UK. If you've got questions, we've got answers!

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Visit us

BSD Performance is centrally located in the UK on the outskirts of Peterborough, just off the A47 at Eye. We're tucked away but easy to find; pick up Crowland Road off the A47 (look for the Esso Garage and Travelodge on the roundabout), go straight over the mini-roundabout for the services, and take the next left into Green Road. BSD is approx. 250m up Green road on the right, look for our sign. If you've any doubts, give us a call!

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  • Dyno Tuning

    Get the very best out of your engine, road or race.

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  • ECU Reprogramming

    Stock ECUs re-mapped for improved power delivery and performance.

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  • Engine Tuning

    The full range of options — from mild-mannered to off-the-scale fast!

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  • Engine Repair/Rebuilds

    Want it put together just right? Bring your engine to us.

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  • Performance Parts

    The ultimate in bolt-on speed: find out what works, and why…

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  • Precision Engineering

    CNC magic plus metal equals superb results; our plant list and capabilities.

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Thanks Mark – fair play to you – you certainly know what you are doing and suggest that you contact KTM and Akraprovic and offer them your mapping services as these bikes should be like this out of the box.

Jeff Emmett