Mark Brewin is BSD’s founder and the driving force behind everything the company does, and is. As a teenager in the 1970s Mark grew up through the heady days of motorcycling’s golden age, and early on fell in love with all of the Italian superbikes of the day, especially Ducati.

Mark describes himself as a self-taught mechanic, and his education began early when at the age of 10 he was put to work pulling all sorts of engines apart on his father’s farm; by the time he was 18 he was rebuilding and tuning the motors in his mates’ bikes, just for fun. By his early 20s Mark’s hobby was starting to make him money and he even, for a while, opened a small shop specializing in Italian bikes but paying the mortgage, and the ‘proper’ job it required, was more of a priority.

As the Japanese started to produce true performance bikes Mark found he was working on as many Suzuki GSX-Rs as he was Italian machines. His day job by this time had taken him to an engineering firm where he spent 11 years learning everything about manufacture, materials and machining which to this day he maintains has proved vital in really understanding what makes motors work, and what makes them break.

Redundancy in 1997 led him to buy some of the plant from his old firm and the decision to strike out on his own was a no-brainer; his garage at home had morphed into a full-on workshop and so he took the obvious decision – BSD was born.

And Mark, and BSD, has never looked back. Always willing to embrace new technology, but never failing to underpin it with everything he’s learnt over the past four decades Mark’s bikes have raced in BSB, all over Europe and at the Isle of Man TT. And while two-wheeled technology may get ever more complex, Mark’s simple desire to make engines, and bikes, work better is stronger than ever.

Mark Brewin

BSD Founder