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BMW R1150GS Power Commander PC III wide band module Dyno set up

By 4th May 2011BMW, On the Dyno, Road Bikes

A 2002 BMW R1150GS came through the workshop recently; the owner wanted to know about the full set of options available to him – which are a Power Commander PC III wide-band module, a 1200GS PC V system or the BBS chip, which ‘fools’ the ECU and richens everything up.

He chose the Power Commander PC III wide-band module, which uses its own lambda sensor in place of the original, that the PC reads and continually updates its map. In essence, it’s mapping itself while you’re going along against adjustable pre-set values. The benefit is that if, say you’re touring and you go up the Alps, the PC will correct itself, and the fuelling, for the altitude so the engine won’t start gasping and losing power.

The bike left the Dyno room with a much smoother power delivery, 83bhp at the back wheel, plus a 7bhp boost through the mid-range, with low and mid-range torque – 3,4,5,000rpm – up by 3lb-ft.

More horsepower, torque and a PC III that maps itself; this Beemer's ready for the hills!