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Suzuki GSX-R750 K8 Power Commander remap

This Suzuki GSX-R750K8 came in with a Power Commander already fitted; the owner had bought it secondhand and loaded in a generic map off of Dynojet’s website but felt the bike wasn’t running as well as it should. Our job was to get it on the Dyno and develop a custom map specific to the bike – there wasn’t a huge increase in outright performance to be found but the holes in the power delivery off the bottom and through mid-range, caused by over-rich fuelling to suit a full system, were ironed out nicely by taking out the fuel it didn’t need. We see quite a lot of this sort of problem these days as people try and save/recoup money (and it is one of the advantages of fitting a PC III or V, you can take it off) but bear in mind that a sorted map that suits your particular engine will always perform better than a generic map, or the map that suited the previous bike the Power Commander was on.

A mismatch between this GSX-R's engine and the Power Commander hindered mid-range power