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The owner of this Guzzi V7 popped in the other day to day he was so pleased with his bike after we’d remapped its ECU he hasn’t stopped riding it! When he first brought it in he wasn’t so happy with…

Now you’ve got to know that these engines are an old design, albeit one made with modern materials. Which means they need fuel. And all the emissions interference they use to pass homologation tests means they feel harsh, stuttery (if that’s a word) and simply can’t respond as well as they should. The engine simply can’t breathe.

Which is what the remap sorts out – 9 out of 10 times with this type of bike we’re adding fuel to let the engine work as it wants to. The V7 is not a big horsepower machine; 55bhp is what you get and stock they splutter toward it. Once we’ve been into the ECU and sorted the job out, it’s a creamy, character-laden and lovely 55bhp – just as a Guzzi should be.