The owner of this Guzzi Griso (with skimmed heads, open airbox and Termi pipes) came to us after falling into the trap of getting a re-flashed ECU in the post… that didn’t work very well. He’d also added a Power Commander with Autotune that (in theory) ‘self tunes’ the engine as it’s running.

Now they have a place if you want to make a quick map to suit a ride (like you do) but otherwise they tend to tie the engine constantly in knots, we find. It certainly wasn’t working for a bike like the Griso.

We started by stripping the Power Commander off then sucked out the ECU’s mapping. No wonder it didn’t run, the map was a disaster! It had zero fuel wound in at 40% throttle at 5,000rpm. It was a clown’s comedy map, minus the red nose and big shoes.

So we sorted a proper fuel map to suit, tweaked the ignition and blimey, it’s a new bike. Lovely job. We’ll make one point to finish off – a map needs building specifically to suit an engine. Generic maps are, at best, one size fits nobody or, like the one flashed in here, a joke.

The re-flashed map in the Griso was no good. It now has the fuelling and ignition that the (lovely) engine deserves.

The re-flashed map in this Griso was no good. It now has the fuelling and ignition that its (lovely) engine deserves.