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Gill in the BSD office is the first (and last) point of contact for any owner bringing their bike in for some work. She answers a thousand questions a day, keeps the diary organised and knocks out a very decent cup of tea – all without breaking a sweat. Richard was kind enough to drop her an email after his Triumph had its ECU remapped with his thoughts – cheers mate!

From: Richard Stone

Sent: 11 January 2016 15:47


Subject: Re: Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 Tuning Options


I wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for today’s work on my Tiger 1050 Sport. It was a pleasure to deal with you again. Wow what a difference a remap makes, my Tiger is much smoother which is especially noticeable at the lower end, and when riding in traffic at slow speed. The bike gets up to speed very smoothly and briskly indeed!

My ride home was very entertaining indeed.

Please forgive my curiosity… I see my Dyno Printout shows the results of Mark’s excellent work, I wonder if Mark had the original figures recorded from the initial dyno run, before he made the ECU changes?

I also wanted to say thank you for looking at my tail light issue, Sadly my bike will be staying with the dealer’s overnight, as I have been informed the bike has no horn, tail light or front side lights, so clearly there is an underlying issue I was not aware of.

One curious comment I wonder if you could ask Mark please? The Triumph technicians have noted that they believe the bike is running hot, and the radiator fan is sticking, did Mark notice any symptoms when he was mapping the bike? I am told some of the fans are known to fail?

Once again, thank you for all of your work.


Mr Richard Stone

Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport

Richard's Tiger 1050, in to be made smoother and nicer to ride!

Richard’s Tiger 1050, in to be made smoother and nicer to ride!