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A young lad owns this R1: he’d read an article somewhere about a guy who was remapping ECUs by post – he’d (truthfully) said “if you send it I’ll put a map in that’s close for the pipe you’ve got but you do need a trip to a Dyno to make sure it’s ok…”

So he came all the way up from Devon for us to check – and flash – his ECU. Now as we explained to him while he was here the 07/08 R1s (which we’ve done quite a few of) need handling with caution and care, because you don’t know until you flash the map whether the idle is going to be affected.

We think it’s to do with the throttle bodies being factory set, and while each ECU has the same program as the next it’s zeroed onto its throttle bodies. So there can be discrepancies.

But this one went well – to be honest it just needed more fuel at the bottom end, and quite a bit at the top to match the exhaust. The changes we made – given the bike’s age and miles it’s covered – really freshened up the feel and rideability. It’s (almost) like brand new!

Engine could feel fresher? Get its ECU remapped!

Engine could feel fresher? Get its ECU remapped!