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KTM SMT 990 full ECU remap

By 16th May 2012ECU Remap, KTM

The customer who owns this KTM 990 SMT, fitted with Remus cans, lives down in Kent and dropped his bike in with us for a week to be remapped. Just to make the point at this junction we’ve seen several forum-oriented maps uploaded and, to be honest, they’re scary. We remap any bike’s stock map, and end up with a complete custom map that perfectly suits the engine (and customer’s requirements) by the time we’re done.

What we have found with these KTM maps is that the TPS setting (Throttle Position Sensor) is critical; we’re only putting back in what was already there. Upload a ‘foreign’ map and you’re asking for trouble with TPS alignment, and these bikes will run like a sack of spanners, as two grids are being overlaid with the net result of being slightly out everywhere.

Nearly every KTM V-twin we remap comes in for the same thing – the owner is looking to smooth out the over-sharp throttle response. It’s not, generally about more horsepower or a higher rev limit (both of which we can do, as well…). This bike turned out well after a day plugged into the ECU on the Dyno – we rode it in the rain, and you could roll around on the throttle, on wet roundabouts, and bring a little gas in when you needed it, safely.

Another remap for smoother throttle response, done.