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Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Kawasaki ZX-6R family service!

By 18th May 2012Kawasaki, Servicing, Suzuki

We’ve been inundated with service work and MOTs recently. These two bikes are owned by a father and son; the GSX-R we’ve serviced from new, which makes our life a lot easier, and is lovely. We’ve seen the Zx-6R twice before, which also helps.

An interim service for us (and it’s not about ticking boxes) means we go through the brakes, properly. We change the fluid, deglaze or replace the pads, grease the pins and take out the levers and grease the pivot points. We also check/replace the plugs and air filter, plus the throttle body balance. If we’re replacing the engine oil, which we usually do, we use Silkolene plus an OE filter. All the running gear gets carefully examined to make sure things like the suspension is working properly. We also check seals, bearings and linkages.

A major service is valve clearances, cams out etc plus a full suspension service option – everything (forks, rear shock, linkages) taken to bits and sorted. One of these every now and again keeps a bike feeling tight and like brand new!

A family duo of very clean bikes in for a pair of interim services. Nicely done!