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Triumph 1050 Speed Triple full ECU remap

By 14th May 2012ECU Remap, Triumph

The customer who owns this Speed Triple fitted the pipe and high-flow air filter, but wasn’t happy with the custom ECU maps that the Triumph dealer was loading in – the bike felt like it was lacking something, especially in the midrange where he was expecting to get more drive.

And he was right. So, working on the Dyno with Tuneboy and the bike’s ECU, we sharpened up the ignition in the mid-rpm range – no need at the top end – plus did some major fuelling changes, this time especially at the top end as it was short of fuel. We gained 6-7bhp all the way through from top to bottom, and on the test ride after the bike felt great, sharp as a pin. The owner’s been back, and has given it a very big thumbs up.

An extra 6-7bhp everywhere and a pin-sharp throttle response – a full ECU remap has transformed this Speed Triple!