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Ian’s KTM 990 Adventure R just received a full ECU remap, and he was kind enough to drop us an email with his thoughts. Cheers mate, glad you like it!

From: Ian Fairclough

Sent: 02 May 2015 10:49


Subject: Re: You’ve been contacted via the form “Contact Form” on BSD



Just want to tell you that I’m delighted with the changes you’ve made to my bike. I took the long route home last night (5 hour ride with every kind of road you can think of) and it was like being on a completely different machine.

All the low speed snatchiness has gone, the on/off switch like throttle has gone, the harsh feel of the engine has gone and the inability to hold a constant cruising speed has gone.

Fantastic! I now have a bike that rolls on and off smoothly and makes carving the bends an absolute joy. The engine braking is now much less abrupt and the transition back onto the throttle is nice and smooth.

Going through town is also really smooth now, whereas before it was a lurching jerky pain in the neck. Full throttle acceleration through the gears is much more progressive than it was before as well. All of the power is still there, but the way it is delivered is completely transformed. Well worth the money!

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the changes you’ve made and I know that you worked really hard to get it perfect. Many thanks for that, and for the cups of tea!

Best regards,


Ian's KTM 990 Adventure R, remappped!

Ian’s KTM 990 Adventure R, remappped!