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Martin brought his mighty Rocket III in for an ECU remap tune-up – and was kind enough to email his thoughts after riding back to the Smoke. Cheers mate, steady away!

From: martin lumsde  

Sent: 06 May 2015 10:33


Subject: You’ve been contacted via the form “Contact Form” on BSD Performance.                         

Thanks for attending to my Rocket Roadster, here’s the report on my findings based on the 90min ride to London: Increased power and pull was noticeable however more noticeable was the transition between throttle modes, for example slight throttle to mid, mid to full, mid to slight and back to mid; much smoother and less stressful to ride. 

I noticed that I’ve started using more finite throttle adjustments accordingly, rather than a more on/off approach to counter the slightly hesitant old EU emission map. 

I’m not going to bother with pod filters as it’s spot on now.

All the best,


Martin's 2014 Rocket III, with boosters...

Martin’s 2014 Rocket III, with boosters…