Every bike we remap is slightly different (especially KTMs) and every owner has different needs and/or requests. This early fuel-injected Adventure, owned by James, had all the usual low-speed running issues plus a throttle cam ‘fix’ that was a bit too quick-action…

James was kind enough to email some feedback after his ride home:

Hi Gill,

I am back home after a 108 mile ride (went over to Kettering from yours). I used a mixture of roads dual carriageways/fast A roads and some bumpy back lanes. The remap has massively improved the ride ability of the bike.

I can now do 30mph with out the engine surging or complaining. Steady throttle control is easy. Love the fat smooth mid range power. The engine sounds crisp from idle and the idle it self is consistent no more dropping down to low.

I will swap back to the standard throttle (as Mark said its a little too quick just off idle) build up a few more miles and let you know how I get on. But I am more than happy with the improvements. It’s nice to go somewhere friendly professional and down to earth.

Thank you, 

Regards James   

An ECU remap has transformed James' KTM, although his throttle cam did cause us some problems!

An ECU remap has transformed James’ KTM, although his throttle cam did cause us some problems!