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This is Trevor’s bike – a regular customer – and he brought it in for a full sort out; Arrow system, BMC filter then an ECU remap. Now the L7 (as has been much discussed in the press) simply doesn’t make the peak horsepower numbers that the ZX-10R and S1000RR do. They’re about 8-10bhp shy at around 180bhp, but do have a much stronger bottom and mid-range – which makes it a bloody good road bike in our book.

By the time you put a full system on the GSX-R, free up the inlet side and remap the ECU you’re knocking on the the door of 190bhp – crucially with the rest of the power delivery intact.

Now this bike was still tight; it’d been run in then given to us, so once it’s got a few more miles up Trevor’ll bring it back for a trim of the fuelling map. One thing to note – apart from turning off all the crap you don’t need we can also turn on things like the autoblipper (which you pay extra for on the R model).