Suzuki GSX-R1000K2 Power Commander PC III remap

By 5th September 2011 ECU Remap, Road Bikes, Suzuki

A Suzuki GSX-R1000K2 which we first saw here in 2008; it arrived fitted with a Blue Flame exhaust can and we mapped it with a Power Commander PC III. Three years later it’s back as the owner just felt it had lost a little something and was perhaps in need of a remap to freshen up the power and power delivery.

The engine had loosened up considerably – as they do – since its last visit, and the Dyno runs showed it needed less fuel at the top end; the remap of the PC III took some out. Overall, it left the workshop with a much crisper feel, an engine that had its edge back and it evened gained a couple of horsepower – 153bhp at the back wheel to 155bhp.

Three years after its first visit this GSX-R needed a freshen up – it got one!