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Triumph Speed Triple Power Commander PC V remap with switchable performance/economy modes

By 7th September 2011On the Dyno, Road Bikes, Triumph

We have here one Triumph Speed Triple, a 15th Anniversary model no less. The customer who owns it has bought bikes into us previously and wanted an ‘economy mode’ map option sorting for his Trumpet.

On went a Power Commander PC V (with map switch) and we did two maps for him set up on the Dyno – a normal power map, plus a map more suited for touring/cruising around and economy. The air/fuel ratio for the performance map we ran at 13.2, versus 13.6 for the economy map, thus helping the engine sip fuel a little less greedily. Also, the smaller throttle positions on economy mode – and even doing 100mph you may only be using 10-15% throttle – we leaned out a little more to further save fuel as per the customer’s requirements. He still has a full performance map to play with too, so in effect has the best of both worlds.

Fast and frugal – this Speed Trip' has two PC V maps to choose from...