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2010 Kawasaki ZZ-R1400 service

By 2nd September 2011Kawasaki, Road Bikes, Workshop Tips

The local Kawasaki dealership shut its doors recently and has left a bit of a void; the mantle has been picked up by another dealer but some of the customers of the original shop have been a bit loathe to go over to the new shop – so quite a few have come our way or been referred for service work.

With a 5/6 year-old bike that’s stood for a length of time it’s important to check the tyres, as they may not be in good condition, and change the brake fluid as it does deteriorate over time. The coolant will want changing and the fuel, especially, is prone to turning to varnish in the filter and injectors very quickly. A full tank plus Silkolene PRO FST sorts that problem, though. And don’t think newer bikes are immune from these sort of problems either…

This 2010 ZZ-R 1400 is a case in point – it’s a late, low mileage bike that doesn’t do a lot of work, but as it’d been immobile for a while we almost had to give it another PDI, as it would’ve got when new from the now-shut Kwak dealer. The brake pistons were stuck in the calipers, so they needed stripping out and all the fluids swapped for fresh.

So it’s not just older bikes that can suffer when left – new ones can too!

This ZZ-R14 had only done 1885 miles - but almost needed another PDI as it'd been stood...