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Kawasaki Zephyr 1100 Dyno setup – an owner emails

By 3rd May 2013Kawasaki, Rare Groove

Now we do a lot of ECU remapping around here and – as Gill recently pointed out – we do do other things to lots of bikes that may have carburettors rather than little black boxes. Anyway, here’s an email from Ron Fairbrother after some work we did on his special Kwak Zephyr 1100…

Hi Gill,

Just wanted to say many thanks for an awesome job the guys did on my Zephyr 1100. Fitted all the bodywork and ran her in the workshop and love the way she spits blue fire on the over-run.  Looks great with the lights out :o)

Will see you guys again for my next project – keep a look out for it in Practical Sportsbike.

Kind regards,


Ron's tidy Kawasaki – now with extra blue flames!

Ron’s tidy Kawasaki – now with extra blue flames!