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Ducati 796 Hypermotard full ECU remap – an owner emails

One nicely ECU remapped Ducati Hypermotard...

One nicely ECU remapped Ducati Hypermotard…

Chris Mead kindly fired up his keyboard after riding his freshly-remapped Ducati 796 Hypermotard home… here are his thoughts:

Hi Mark/Gill,

Firstly I just want to say thanks for your good old-fashioned personal service & hospitality yesterday. I ran a 5th generation family business for many years in just the same manner and it’s a real shame that level of customer service has virtual disappeared altogether.

So I got tea, seat in the sun, internet access plus expert knowledge, what more could a customer ask for. Together it all made doing business with you a real pleasure, I’d happily recommend you to anyone that’ll listen!

Anyway, onto the bike. It’s fair to say that even though I’ve only ridden it back home, a journey of which 60miles was sitting on the A1, I’m absolutely delighted with it. Just the fact that it’ll pulls so sweetly now from 3000rpm in the upper gears for when you just want to “ride” is great. I of course had to keep slowing down so I could drop down to 3rd and nail (purely for research purposes) up through the gears and it’s a totally different bike, so crisp on the throttle.

The other thing I hadn’t expected, and from my experience most definitely isn’t usually associated with a performance gain, was the fact it took nearly a litre less fuel when I refilled it after the return journey home.  Free power, really?

I’ve had to travel to Spain today so won’t get to ride it properly, i.e. on my favourite B roads etc, for a couple of weeks but when I have I’ll drop you a mail with a full report and my views.

Thanks again,

Best Regards, 


Ps. I’ve got a confession, when I got home and opened my back-up I discovered a magazine of yours I’d been reading, I must have just put it away without thinking, sorry!