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Honda VT750 Shadow Power Commander PC V fit and Dyno set-up

By 13th May 2013ECU Remap, Honda

The lady who owns this Honda VT750 Shadow brought it in to us because for a long time she’d been telling her husband that the bike didn’t feel right (it had been fitted with straight-through open pipes). And she was right. We strapped it onto the Dyno to see what was what and it was terrible – desperately short of fuel.

So we fitted a Power Commander PC V, mapped it thoroughly and Bl**dy hell, it was off! Everywhere in the rev-range showed a vast improvement. We weren’t sure at the start if it’d be worth doing, but the end result proved us wrong – it was well worth it.

No longer a shadow of its former self... er, a fully Power Commander'd Honda Shadow.

No longer a shadow of its former self… er, a fully Power Commander’d Honda Shadow.