KTM RC8 ECU remap – an owner’s words

By 15th May 2013 ECU Remap, KTM, Owner's Words

Andy Eccles had his KTM RC8’s ECU remapped and rushed off to Bedford Autodrome to give it a good going over. Here are his thoughts post thrash:

Hi Mark and Zena

A big thank you for mapping my RC8 yesterday – even in the first five minutes of the ride home, the difference was astonishing. I realised pretty quickly that whenever I’d been riding in slow traffic, or around roundabouts, that I was just dipping the clutch a little to take the rough edge off the awful low-speed running the bike had from the factory.

Mark spent a long time explaining exactly what he’d done during the remap, how he’d made his decisions and what I should expect – all fascinating for me to learn, and gives me a better appreciation of how precise the adjustments had been.

Today I spent the day on track at Bedford Autodrome – the bike performed flawlessly, and was so much smoother out of the slow corners and hairpin – just lots of seamless smooth drive where I felt I was actually driving the bike with the throttle. Again, fantastic – I’ll be recommending your service to anyone who will listen.



PS – a picture from Bedford today.

Andy giving it full gas post ECU remap – we think he likes...!

Andy giving it full gas post ECU remap – we think he likes…!