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Visordown’s Ducati 848 Challenge race bike

By 31st August 2011Ducati, ECU Remap, Race Bikes

Ben Cope of Visordown bought his Ducati 848 Challenge race bike in for a fettle recently; as it came in it was putting out 123bhp at the rear wheel, well shy of what it should and could for the class. We optimised the squish in the cylinder heads. dialled in the cams, fitted a 70mm exhaust system and addressed the fuelling to suit using a Ducati Performance ECU.

135bhp is the maximum allowed, with the later more powerful EVO bikes only able to run cans as opposed to the full systems that the earlier 848s can use; Ben’s bike left our workshop with a much healthier 132bhp at the back wheel, only losing out to an EVO at the top end slightly.

Good luck mate!

Visordown's Ducati 848 Challenge bike – 123bhp to 132bhp in one fell swoop.