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1993 Ducati 750SS

By 29th August 2011Ducati, Road Bikes

This Ducati 750SS goes on our pile of ‘really good bikes that were overlooked at the time but well worth a look now, especially at the sort of money they go for’. Forget a bodgy old CBR600 as a trackbike, pick up a 750SS instead – it’s great fun and while it may not have the horsepower of a Japanese 600 it has got personality by the air-cooled barrel load.

If you do end up with one of these little Dukes, simply have two new belts fitted and go thrash the bits off it. Problems? Everybody used to complain about the electrics but, like the customer who own this particular bike (which has done 30,000 miles and in was in for valve clearances), if the regulator/rectifier’s been changed and you don’t run it through the wet and cold continuously you won’t have a problem.

£2000 will buy a mint 750SS that’s done no miles – it’s the one to have; the 600 was too gutless and the 900 a bit lumpy. Get one before everybody gets wise…

A sweet little 750SS Ducati – underrated in its day, well worth owning now...