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Ducati Hypermotard 796 full ECU remap

By 20th June 2012Ducati, ECU Remap

The owner of this Ducati Hypermotard had been quoted (for a MicroTech replacement of the stock Siemens ECU and remap) £1200.00. We strapped it on the Dyno, plugged into the ECU and got busy…

The remap we did sorted the fuelling out; the open exhaust pipe (a full Zard system, great quality, fitted well and not too noisy with the baffles out) helped liberate an extra 8bhp. We switched the lambda sensor off and uploaded a new fuel and ignition map for each cylinder, as well as raise the rev-limit by a conservative 300rpm. We also turned off the ‘lambda request map’, which is important because at certain rpm and temperatures (whether it’s been switched off or not in the ECU) the lambda will try and switch its heaters back on.

All for the grand sum of £350.00 plus VAT!

An extra 8bhp thanks the the Zard exhaust and ECU remap. Nice one!