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2011 Honda CBR1000RR with Power Commander PC V Dyno and set-up

By 18th June 2012ECU Remap, Honda

This CBR1000RR came in with a PC V, 02 Eliminator and K&N filter, bolted on by the owner. Now these Hondas are tricky to fuel with an open pipe fitted; to be fair, Honda said so when the bike was first launched.

Taking away the back-pressure of the standard system does dramatically change the engine’s set-up, so with a can fitted you have to look very hard at the fuelling. It needs fuel in some areas, but there are areas where some has to come out. Critically, at a steady cruising speed – say 90mph – on 10% throttle the engine could run hideously lean, for hours at a time, which is very bad news in the long run…

Be warned – if you have one of these ‘Blades, with an open can and nothing else, you’re asking for trouble. A Power Commander PC V and some Dyno time is the only real answer.

Open can and no PC V on this model Fireblade? There maybe trouble, ahead...