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Ducatis of all persuasions respond well to an ECU remap, and the fact we map each cylinder individually makes a big difference. Paul brought his 1198S in for the treatment, and was kind enough to email his thoughts after. Cheers mate!

From: Paul Cartledge

Sent: 02 November 2014 21:52

To: ‘BSD’

Subject: Update

Hi Mark and Gill,

Well I knew by the grin on Mark’s face when I collected the bike that he was happy with the result and after a couple of hundred mixed miles, so am I!! The fuelling now is crisp and far more manageable, even at low speeds so villages are now bearable as I had hoped and 39mpg is acceptable for that ride. Just need a bigger tank now so starting saving.

Mods include softer rear spring (75), softer rear damping (K Tech) and now, together with de-cat and flap, plus remap, I have to say the bike is fantastic! I have never ridden anything that goes, stops and handles like this and certainly not with this much character. Still oversteers (really) on way in 90 degree corners and squirms a bit on way out so maybe light on damping but overall pure joy to ride.

Just wanted to say appreciate no bull approach and sorry I talk so much but I get so excited when dealing with bikes and especially Ducatis! I’ve been around enough to know who is talking rubbish or who knows their stuff and it’s clear you have a lot of experience. Those who don’t shall remain nameless…

Anyway, de-catted Akras are now fitted but seems fine. Ideally check next year but nearly identical inside as thought, so going to ride it now… well after winter.

Take care and thanks again – just love my Ducatis.

Paul Cartledge (excitable child even at 52)

Paul's nicely fettled 1198S ready for the ride home after its ECU remap.

Paul’s nicely fettled 1198S ready for the ride home after its ECU remap.