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The (new) owner of this 500 mile 5-year old Yamaha XJR1300 had been trawling t’internet for ages until he finally found this beauty tucked away in a garage. It is brand spanking new. He brought it to us because he wanted a full Akrapovic exhaust system fitted and one of our special BSD-modded Power Commander PC Vs dialled in to suit.

And it was dream job. We disconnected the cables to the exhaust noise flap, removed the lambda sensor and set the PC up. Straight away it picked up in a big way – normally these engines put out 102-ish bhp and this one made 118bhp.

To be honest, with it being so fresh it could do with a few more miles and we were a bit cautious… But for a bike like the XJR the gains you feel at the throttle really are worth the money spent.

Full Akra' system, BSD-modded Power Commander and 118bhp at the rear wheel. Nice!

Full Akra’ system, BSD-modded Power Commander PC V and 118bhp at the rear wheel. Nice!