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There are several ways of attacking an ECU remap for a Ducati Multistrada; you can go through and change the fuelling and ignition tables and call it a job but we’ve found that the throttle maps are key to getting it right.

There are 4 modes, Sport, Touring, Urban and Enduro. Urban and Enduro are the same, so there are 3 throttle maps that we have to go in and rebuild. One important note for owners (before they get to us) is to make sure that all the recalls/updates have been done – there have been a few, concerning the throttle bodies in particular.

All things being equal (and as they should be) if you’re still not happy with your Multi’ then an ECU remap is next up – talk to us. The throttle maps we’ve developed, alongside all the other changes we make, really work. We’ve spent a lot of time on them to get the engine to pick up smoothly, rather than lurch wildly (not good on an Alpine switchback, as more than one owner has told us…) of its own accord!

This is Paul and his Multistrada, post ECU remap…