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The Suzuki GSX-S1000S should be a great bike as it’s powered by an engine we love, but to be honest stock they’re absolutely sh**e, with huge problems…

The moment the standard (heavy) under slung exhaust box/can is removed the engine’s hunting and coughing and spluttering gets much worse. Officially, the bike hasn’t a problem. Unofficially Suzuki will change the ECU if you complain, but it makes no difference.

Now there are all sorts of stories about what causes all the issues – and how Suzuki can take what was a beautiful engine and ruin it is beyond us – but we do know it’s missing a cam sensor and like a lot of modern engines is reliant on an idle control valve and Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) to control the low speed running, all closed loop for emissions.

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into the GSX-S1000S ECU remap and can now create an engine that delivers a beautifully smooth power delivery by cancelling out all the interference from the emissions equipment.

As it happens the owner of this one dropped us an email with his thoughts after the work. He seems pleased – cheers mate!

Dear Mark,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the work you did on my stock GSXS 1000 on Friday 23rd September.

It has transformed the fuelling completely! It was a different bike riding home; all the snatch rolling on and off the throttle, all the tendency to snatch the chain getting on the power out of bends, the unwillingness to run cleanly on a neutral throttle (when you could find it!) – all gone!

It’s now one happy engine and exactly the lovely K5 motor I hoped was lurking under there.

Thanks for your very helpful and informative service, I found it very interesting.

I’d recommend that to any owner of the same machine.

Kind regards

Rich Parker

A lovely engine, buggered up. But we'll get there...

A lovely engine, buggered up. But not any more…!