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Here at BSD, we are gearing up for the riding season to begin again, and looking forward to seeing all our customers old and new.

We have found that the way people are using their bikes, has changed over the last couple of years. Customers are keeping their bikes for longer, so more miles on the clock, which means that all important service.

Gone are the days, where your bike was just a weekend plaything, now they are being used for commuting, putting additional miles on that once low mileage example.

We use genuine filters, NGK spark plugs and Silkolene oil for all our servicing and can order genuine or aftermarket parts if you require.

Ecu re-mapping is also becoming one of our major requests, just fuelling correction is no longer enough.

Customers are now noticing more little quirks that their bikes have, where as before they were classed as a*Characteristic*of the bike, now they become a problem that needs to be sorted out.