Since Yoshimura Motors was founded in Fukuoka, Japan in 1954, Hideo ‘Pops ‘Yoshimura, an aircraft mechanic in the war, went about engine tuning his own way. He soon earned a stellar reputation among the American GIs based in Japan, blessing their BSAs with extra horsepower, and soon enough the Yoshimura name was racing – and winning – races like the legendary Daytona 200.

Yoshimura has had a long and productive relationship with Suzuki, but every exhaust system, end-can or performance part that Yoshimura produces for every bike is the result of countless hours of R&D, both on the racetrack and in the Dyno room. Pops passed away back in 1995 but his son Fujio has carried on his philosophy and is similarly driven by the performance of his company, and his products.

The range of exhaust end-cans and full systems from Yoshimura is comprehensive; from fully road legal EEC-approved to full race. All come in a range of finishes with a guarantee of quality and performance – which is what the name Yoshimura stands for.

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