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Paul Smart Ducati Nemesis ECU

By 18th February 2011Ducati, On the Dyno, Road Bikes

There aren’t many Ducati Paul Smart Replica Sport 1000s around, but this one made it to us. It had been fitted and (badly) set-up with a Nemesis ECU, so needed a full remap on the Dyno. Nemesis is a very good system and a pleasure to work with; each cylinder is mapped individually and we use the Nemesis Lambda sensor in one and our own in the other so we can accurately monitor the air/fuel ratio of both together. We’ve had quite a lot of time with the system over the years, including with our own race bikes, and the net result on this particular Duke was a 9bhp gain pretty much everywhere. Because Nemesis is completely adjustable you can adjust it completely the wrong way, as was the case here; it needed a thorough going through and most of the gains came from building a custom ignition map.

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