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Kawasaki ZZ-R1100 carb clean and balance

One clean, tidy low-mileage Kawasaki ZZ-R1100 that’s been stood over many winters; the fuel has, over time corroded the carburettor internals and this winter it cried enough and came in running on two-and-a-half cylinders. The carbs were removed and stripped; the needles were furry and the pilot jets partially blocked, so everything needed a thorough clean up. After re-assembly a carb balance (and new air filter)  ensured the ol’ gurl was running better than ever.

This situation is easily avoided – use Silkolene Pro FST in your tank when you lay your bike up for winter. It stops the fuel degrading and the corrosion that follows, works in 2 and 4 stroke engines and only costs £13.39 a bottle inc. VAT. Bargain (compared to the upset and cost of a carb strip…).

Carbs fully sorted – this ZZ-R's good to go for another dozen years.

But we would add this product in the tank before it's left for winter; it works!