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Honda CBR1000RR and CBR600RR Power Commander PC III set up

By 20th April 2011Honda, On the Dyno, Road Bikes

A CBR600RR and CBR1oooRR, owned new by a couple who have been customers for 3 or so years (she rides the Blade, which we’ve featured before, he the 6). We’ve gradually been upgrading both bikes with the right bits and pieces; Power Commander PC IIIs and pipes – the smaller bike wears a Mivv and the thou’ a Taylormade (which is one of the cleanest and smartest-looking systems from the exterior, even if the box and bracketry is slightly less impressive).

There is a glitch with the Blade on fuel cut-off  – the emissions set up will not allow fuel in on a closed throttle so when the fuel switches back in you do feel it. There isn’t much that can be done to remedy this but as the bike’s loosened up over the miles we’ve fine-tuned the power delivery as best as is possible. 168bhp at the back wheel is respectable for the Blade but the 600 is absolutely mint; linear power and a beautiful delivery.

We’ve fitted ASV levers to both bikes and also custom-made Earls brake lines exactly as the Honda originals, so they fit in all the brackets correctly. All in all a pair of nicely tended, well-set up road bikes ready for a summer’s fun!

A sweet pair of CBRs, ready to rock in the sunshine...