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Flat track Rotax racer Dyno set up

By 21st April 2011On the Dyno, Race Bikes, Rare Groove

A true one-off here; Jason Kersley’s flat tracker. The frame’s custom-made in America – we tuned the Rotax engine originally, but unfortunately the 60bhp it was putting out after fettling was too much for the stock crankcases toward the end of last season. Jason purchased a new set of CNC billet cases and put the engine back together, with a new camshaft that’s supposedly built just for this application in these motors; after bringing it to BSD for a carburation set up on the Dyno he’s now not so sure, because the new cam makes the bike hard to start, very spluttery low down with a huge mid-range which then dies instantly. Our cam was much more linear and progressive (as in easy to ride) and while what’s in the engine now may work well on some very short tracks, where you might need that sudden burst of power, for Jason it’s not working out. The old cam might be on its way back in…

Jason's flat-track Rotax – a bike not for the faint of heart!