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Ducati 1198 Nemesis ECU remap

By 24th February 2011Comedy, Ducati, On the Dyno, Race Bikes

A Ducati 1198 race bike with an owner possessing a pragmatic sense of humour (see his note to himself taped to the top yoke…). It’s fitted with a Nemesis ECU and was in for a remap on the Dyno; in racing use the Nemesis offers real benefits, including quick shifter, the ability to raise the idle speed and the option of a wet or dry map. It’s a comprehensive piece of kit and when combined with solid set up and a decent full system (the Leo Vince exhaust fitted to this bike is a good one) will produce superb results. However, 162bhp at the rear wheel is not great for one of these in this spec, so something was wrong. One of the main issues was way too much advance in the ignition which simply doesn’t work on these big V-twin motors; backing it off gives a much ‘plusher’ feel to the power delivery and takes away the on/off switch abruptness. The bike left our workshop with a much-more-like-it 172bhp at the wheel.

All the right notes, not necessarily in the right order; sorted now