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So you wait for years for a Moto Morini to come through your door and then get two in the space of a week…

And this one needed the same treatment as the other; we started with the basics to make sure the bike was OK. Its owner had recently sorted the valve clearances, which was good, so we did TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) resets – these are set up much like an older Ducati, with a connecting rod – just to square everything up and start the ECU remap from a good base.

In the end it was a very straightforward job to sort the fuelling for the Termi open pipes. We did address a few other parameters as it had a habit of stalling at junctions – or revving. The latter was down to the TPS being out of sync with the map and the idle was set very low, so we brought that up.

After the road test we were impressed. It goes! As you’d expect, with over 130bhp it’s got some right lump…

…and its owner Richard was equally impressed, and took the time to drop us an email with his thoughts. Cheers mate!

From: Richard Worthington

Sent: 05 February 2017 12:31


Subject: Morini

Mark and Gill

Finally managed to grab a ride 50 miles with no dramas, the bike feels in sync all thru the revs, great job Mark, was close to selling at 1 point it was just to temperamental with lots of time and money taking it to so called experts. Looking forward to putting some miles on her now, many thanks BSD.

That's more like it – a monster Morini!

That’s more like it – a monster Morini!