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We’ve done quite a few Ducati Scramblers now and the difference an ECU remap makes to the snatchy power delivery is noticeable. First job is to disconnect the lambda sensor and fit one of our BSD lambda bungs, and switch it off in the ECU. We then set about mapping, and generally find an engine very short of fuel low down – all for emissions, thus the snatchiness – which is easily rectified.

This is a slightly detuned 70bhp motor but after the remap it is a dream (and smooth) to use. And the the snatch has gone!

Andrew is the latest Scrambler owner to make his way to our workshop in Peterborough, and took the time when he finally got to ride his bike to drop us an email with his thoughts. Cheers mate!

From: Andrew Cooke

Sent: 06 February 2017 21:30

To: Bsd Uk Info


Hi there,

I transported my Ducati Scrambler down to you for an ECU upgrade last week but owing to poor weather up here on the edge of the Peak District I didn’t get out on the bike til this weekend. Riding off the drive I immediately felt the snatchy on/off throttle was now smooth and progressive and that continued to be so all through the rev range.

I continued to be amazed all through the ride, the engine just wanted to rev and yet also seemed to have more torque. That extra torque meant less gear changing around the Peak hills! The smoothness allowed a higher gear to be held on to for longer as well as being very smooth at lower revs in that high gear when burbling through village streets.

All in all, I’m very happy with the work and the long run over and even the couple of hours suffered in Costa Coffee well worth the effort.


Andrew Cooke

Andrew's Scrambler, sorted via an ECU remap...

Andrew’s Scrambler, sorted via an ECU remap…