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KTM 990 Adventure ECU remap

By 30th April 2012ECU Remap, KTM

This KTM came in fitted with Akrapovic cans, but wearing a stock air filter – the bike’s owner came in with the usual “Bloody thing, it leaps about all over the place, can’t hold a line with it through damp roundabouts and corners, sort it out…!” So we remapped everything; first, switching off the lambda and secondary air system, then adjusting the secondary butterfly valves. All four ignition maps received a lot of work (it had huge amounts of advance in the bottom end) and then we set the fuelling using the MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) tables.

Mark didn’t get to speak to the owner before he test rode the bike after the work, and was a little worried because the character of the engine response was now very different – but he came back in with the biggest grin on his face. “That’s brilliant, mate.” he said, “Why aren’t they like this from new? No KTM dealer can do owt with ’em!” He was pleased.

It’s worth pointing out here that no two big KTMs are the same. This one took an entire day to get right; time on the Dyno, out on the road, back on the Dyno, out on the road again and so on. Then, it’s left overnight so we can see how it works driving off from a cold start the next morning. It’s laborious, but worth it, and seems to be the best value £250 (in our eyes) you can spend to sort out what otherwise is a fantastic bike.

A full day spent on the Dyno and out on the road sorted this KTM's ECU remap.