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Suzuki GSX-R750K8 Power Commander PC III & 02 Eliminator Kit fit and Dyno set-up

The customer who owns this Suzuki GSX-R750K8 had a fitted a GP Pro end-can, but wasn’t happy with the way the bike was running (we hear this a lot…). He bought it in for a sort out; we fitted a Power Commander PC III, 02 Eliminator Kit and K&N air filter, then mapped the whole lot together on the Dyno.

The point here is that if you do fit an open end-can to a bike like the GSX-R (of any cubic capacity) you won’t notice much of a difference at first (mostly because of the extra noise you’ll think it’s a lot better). But then, the on/off throttle transition will become gravelly, and it’ll start popping and banging down the pipe on the over-run and generally not running as sweetly as it should.

The reason is that you’ve made a big change to the engine’s airflow – more air through the K&N, and more out the back via the exhaust – and the way it ‘holds’ fuel. Minus the backpressure of the stock set-up it also starts burning the carbon deposits, further messing things up, and making it all a touch rough around the edges!

Fitting an open end-can means that the fuelling will needing sorting out – eventually...