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Yamaha R1 YEC ECU and loom Dyno setup

By 9th January 2013Yamaha, YEC

The fitment of a race-spec YEC ECU and loom allows us to do a lot more; a quickshifter – trimmed for each gear – can bolt straight on, we can change the lifting (opening) of the inlet trumpets, plus adjustment of ignition and fuelling tables. We can also adjust and manage the amount of engine braking.

For the owner of this R1 (which he bought cheap) the aim was simply to get the bike sorted. He’d taken it out on a trackday (he’s an instructor) and hated it as the previous owner had fitted the YEC parts without really understanding what to do with them – as the bike’s going to spend its life on circuits he bought it to us for some Dyno time and setup.

Race-spec YEC loom and ECU brings a lot of adjustability to the R1’s engine performance and feel.