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2003 Royal Enfield Cafe Racer running issues

By 7th January 2013Rare Groove, Royal Enfield

The owner of this tasty Enfield had spent a bundle on tuning the engine and gearbox at his local dealer. An Amal GP carb had been fitted and while he was well aware that it wouldn’t idle properly felt that it just wasn’t performing as it should – essentially, after all the work he reckoned it was a bit on the sluggish side.

We strapped it on the Dyno and took a good look at how it was running; major fuelling changes were needed so we sorted that. We’re sure – and we told the owner – that he’d be much better off with an Amal concentric carb, because the GP carb is great on a racetrack, where it’s wide open a lot, but distinctly tricky on the road, where you’re not.

Cafe racer style is lovely – but this Enfield would do better without its trick Amal GP carb…