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This 2010 Speed Triple came to us all the way from Heacham for an ECU remap and caused us a minor headache. It was an earlier version and the map that was in it was ‘unknown’…

When we say unknown we mean because our system wouldn’t recognise and download it – so we couldn’t do anything with it. So we sent it up to our local Triumph dealer to have a new ‘stock’ map put in. And then it wouldn’t run properly, with a little hiccough in the bottom end.

We do occasionally encounter problems like this; we’re going to have this bike back and get a fresh base map and make our changes to that – it doesn’t always go to plan. We’ve sorted the fuelling out and all the stuff we normally do to ‘Trips but the Triumph base map is just not good, and we can’t see weather it’s an ignition issue or TPS sync problem. We’ll let you know what we find, when we find out!

This one's coming back!

This one’s coming back!