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The GSX-S saga trundles on! As we all know this bike uses the GSX-R1000K7 engine (which started with the K5) but Suzuki have made a lot of changes to it for naked duty.

And it’s simply not the same engine any more; even with all the restrictions removed via an ECU remap it won’t make the same power – but it is a strong motor never the less.

The big problem is their spluttery low speed running. The throttle response at lower rpm is snatchy, and the engine’s almost ‘yawing’ backwards and forwards looking for a correct throttle position.

We’ve ECU remapped a lot of these now, and have found lots of wrinkles that help all versions, including the later ones with revised ECU mapping. Even a standard bike (like this one) is transformed after we’ve done our work switching off the emissions controls and restrictions, and sorting the fuelling.

Even stockers like thissun are transformed with an ECU remap…