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2011 Suzuki Hayabusa full engine tune and Dyno set up part 2

By 15th August 2011Road Bikes, Suzuki

The ‘Busa slotted back together, and on the Dyno it made 202bhp at the rear wheel which, to be fair was more than we were originally aiming for. Even Mark, who isn’t one for blowing his own trumpet, was impressed; “I’ve never experienced such a powerful engine that’s also so smooth, like an electric motor! It drives like you couldn’t believe… I really thought I needed new glasses, because the figures on the screen weren’t what I was expecting, as I’d been fairly sensible, and a little conservative, with the tune I put into it.”

Because the tuned motor develops its power and torque so effortlessly mapping it on the Dyno was easy; it needed more fuel through the middle and up top, because it’s pumping harder and, strictly off the record (ahem), our stock capacity (1350cc) ‘Busa engine easily equalled the 1500cc big bore tune of a certain local car racing firm – we know because we’ve Dynoed plenty of ’em.

The finished bike, ready for its 200mph playtime.

Hmmm. Mark’s now wondering what he’d do with his own big-bore ‘Busa. Any takers…?