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2011 Suzuki Hayabusa full engine tune and Dyno set up part 1

By 12th August 2011Road Bikes, Suzuki

The customer who owns this 2011 Suzuki Hayabusa is a member of the 200mph club, and previously owned a ZZR1400, which we also tuned for him. He bought the ‘Busa in after buying it new and running it in on a trip to Europe with his wife… he delivered it with a TiForce 2-2 full exhaust system and Power Commander PC V with the simple instruction “get the engine squared up, and fit a Cordona PQ8 quickshifter while you’re there!”

Run in around Europe with the missus and ready for its 200mph tune...

We did an initial power run before we took the bike to pieces; it came through the door with 178bhp at the rear wheel. After the engine came out of the chassis a phone call to Tony at Kent Cams was had to decide upon the new cam profile. In the end we didn’t go for a full-lift cam but went for something that’d deliver a strong midrange – having massive peak power is one thing, but to do over 200mph you need to be able to drive hard through the middle to get to the top end, so it made common sense on a bike as powerful as the ‘Busa to make it as rideable as possible.

Ready to flow some gas at high rpm, one very tidy exhaust port.

The business end of the combustion chamber, post head skim.

Our aim was for 195bhp at the back wheel, so next job was to have a look at the ports and make some decisions. Looking at his exhaust system (which we modified by opening out its inlet ports) and our cam profile we didn’t want to slow the gas speed down to much on its way in, hurting midrange, but we tidied it up especially around the valve seat area. The 2-2 pipe will flow plenty of gas out, so we went to town on the exhaust ports and really opened them out, so that when the engine is really revving it can breathe freely. The cylinder head did receive some more attention – but we’re keeping a couple of little tricks to ourselves – and then the engine went carefully back together, and in the bike.

Next up – The Dyno set up and final power runs…

Mark re-connecting everything with the engine now back in the Hayabusa's chassis.