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Suzuki GSX-R1000K3 replacement engine Dyno set-up

By 1st March 2012Race Bikes, Suzuki, Workshop Tips

A bit of a sad tale surrounds this Suzuki GSX-R1000K3 trackbike, which is owned by a good customer of ours, who’s been coming to us for years. Anyway, he blew up the engine in fairly major style and decided that the cheaper option was to source and slot in a replacement motor rather than rebuild what he had.

He had a testing date at Portimao to make, so started scouting around for a secondhand lump. He paid £900 for one in an online auction, dropped it in the bike and bought it to us for a set-up on the Dyno. Unfortunately, it’s smoking heavily on a closed throttle (worn valve stem oil seals are the likely culprit), is down on compression and isn’t making the power it should. Also it has needed way too much fuel going in to get it somewhere near.

To be blunt, it’s knackered.

If you do buy a secondhand motor online then you must strip it before you put it in the bike; chances are you will be stripping it anyway, so just save some time…

The secondhand engine fitted to this GSX-R was cheap, but was well worn and down on power.